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Spitting fire lyrics, over solid beats and displaying an undeniable charisma Cincinnati, Ohio’s JayFlyin has the rap world taking notice. Especially in his hometown where he is dominating the local Reverbnation with his first two singles both breaking the top ten. And judging from the talk from his circles this is just the beginning with the aggressive MC having notebooks full-of work just waiting to get unleashed for fans to enjoy.
“I’m happy about how ‘Savages’ and ‘No Offense’ have been received but be prepared there’s more coming and it is coming fast,” commented the passionate artist. “I’m taking place in the game, I don’t expect anyone to give it to me.”

At just 23 JayFlyin is an entrepreneur as well as a skilled rapper with the maturity to be sure he is working with people that know what success feels like and how to get there. Not dependent on hooks, like many less skilled with a pen, JayFlyin has been writing music since a young child and now he is seeing those seeds planted having grown to trees bearing fruit. Always experimenting with new writing schemes, flows, word plays, metaphors and similes on top of his rhymes, JayFlyin is pointing both forward to a bright future, while nodding to those past great who shown that mic mastery is king.

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